2019-20 SERA design LLC


I'm SERA. Mind palace and brand story of visual artist and wheelhouse designer, Sarah Vining.
SERA believes in nonsense, because that's where magic is from. And art and rain and starry skies, because that's what we're from. Us, frogs, rocks, and intergalactic banana moon pies.
Every thought, every idea, every word has been somewhere. Seen things. Helped a little. Changed a lot.
Everything I've ever made doesn't fit here. I've designed and managed brands, and even their owners, as well as the stories they love and create. I design virtual spaces, rabbit holes, and favorite rooms. Just ask, and I'm certain it can be done.
Depends on the grapes, and the guts.
A few words on identity.

Stories are what happen. In a healthy environment, stories are told and shared, a part of the weft and figure of life. Each story is different, vital.


We’re story creatures, made of stories. The way our memories work is to form narratives to see the world and find meaning in what goes on inside and around us.


Talking to each other and listening to stories is how we make sense of our lives. Unfolding, reinforcing, and sometimes changing.


Ask a storyteller how important stories are. Ask a child about something that happened, and listen to the way they explain.


Our stories—centuries old or brand new—create a foundation for existence. By their essence, stories are our only identity.